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禅 “Zen”

- In the zone/Insight

“From the withered tree, a flower blooms.” - Zen Proverb

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Psychology of "Enclothed Cognition"

FEEL and ACT diffirently.

  • Why superheros wear costumes?

    Why does wearing a holloween costume makes you feel and act diifferent?

    What if you can elicit certain emotions you want at your will?

    The clothes you wear or stickers you use don't just change the way other people see you, they change the way YOU see YOURSELF, which leads to change in behavior, and inturn how you perform.

    Leverage this POWER and tap into your full potential!

Kyzen Sticker Collection

ALL Handwritten art


Apparel Collection

Apparel Collection

Explore personal growth with our inspiring apparel collection, featuring unique Japanese calligraphy... 


Project Kyzen

Project Kyzen

Kyzen means continuous improvement in Japanese in this “simulation” that we currently... 

Merry Modz

Merry Modz

In Merry Modz, a snowman named SnoBo believes he is incapable of... 

Art making process

Create Your Alter Ego

  • Conversations with Tom

    “We as human beings are not oak trees. Oak trees have to be oak trees forever. Human beings don’t have to be “that story” that we have been living through forever. We have an ability to change and shift rapidly. Do not be trapped by your one identity.” - Todd Herman

  • Descendant of Miyagi

    A professional calligrapher with 25 years of experience. Born and raised in Okinawa, Japan.

    Twitter: @of_miyagi

  • Yuuki

    A professional illustrator in Okinawa Japan.

    Twitter: @THE_YUKI1188

    Instagram: @sunagawa_yuki.1188

  • Timmigotchi

    An anime concept artist in Canada.

    Twitter: @timmigotchiart